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Flake flooring gives Perth homes and businesses a floor with a stylish, granite-look finish, without needing to fork-out a fortune. These beautiful floors are extremely durable, hygienic, modern, and easy to keep clean. With superior chemical and abrasion resistance, you can upgrade the surface of spaces like your garage, shop, kitchen or workshop to look modern and seamless, without the stress of damaging it in the future.

At Nu Coat Resurfacing, we have range of on-trend and custom colours to choose from, to ensure you get the perfect combination to suit your space. And forget about the mess and cost of removing and replacing your existing floorings – flake flooring can be applied both indoors and outdoors, on all surfaces except pavers.

We’re the leading resurfacing experts when it comes to applying flake flooring in Perth. Get the stylish floor of your dreams without the huge expense by reaching out to us today.

  • Durable: it provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Decorative: our range of on-trend and custom colours will enhance and complement the environment.
  • Economical: a cost-effective option when compared to pre-engineered flooring.
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Surfaces We Can Use Flake Flooring For

Nu Coat Resurfacing can revamp a range of tired, dull surfaces, to help you create the home or commercial space of your dreams. Working in both indoor and outdoor areas, Perth’s leading resurfacing specialists can not only improve the look of your surfaces, but the quality and durability of them too.


Old concrete can look tired and dull. Resurfacing is the perfect option for not only revamping your concrete flooring, but repairing any damage too. Perth’s leading resurfacing specialists can use our industry-leading technology to repair cracks, hide surface discolouration and rectify discolouration in your concrete, all whilst creating a brand-new look.


Limestone is softer and more porous than many other flooring options, making it prone to damage and stains. Resurfacing your limestone flooring can create a more durable, lower-maintenance floor, so you can live, work and play in your space without worrying about the consequences.


Removing tiles can be a messy, time-consuming, expensive way to transform your floors. And most of the time, your dream floors can be achieved without needing to rip up your existing tiles! When we resurface your tiles, we can achieve a range of looks while finishing the job efficiently and tidily.


As Perth’s leading resurfacing specialists, our Nu Coat team can create the perfect flooring to suit your aesthetic and practical needs. We can refurbish a number of areas in your home, including driveways, pool areas, garages, patios and indoor areas. We can also upgrade your commercial space – whether it’s a showroom, kitchen or warehouse – to ensure your floors are safe, durable and representative of your brand.



By resurfacing your floors with Perth’s leading resurfacing specialists, you’ll get a completely refreshed, modern look, without the mess or the high price tag. And, with our range of resurfacing options and huge variation of colours, we’ll have the perfect combination to give your home the stunning surfaces it deserves.

Spray On Concrete

Spray on concrete is perfect for rejuvenating surfaces that are tiled, paved, concrete or limestone. It’s durable and strong, making it ideal for outdoor areas. We have a range of colours and patterns to choose from, so finding the right design to suit your home or business is simple.

Coloured Sealing

Coloured sealing will bring your faded surfaces back to life on a budget. Whether you just want to brighten and seal your existing floors, or you’d like to totally change the colour, colour sealing is a great option. Coloured sealing can be applied outside the home, on concrete, limestone & pavers.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coatings are a great choice for indoor, industrial areas. These floors are extremely durable and come in endless colours and designs. Our team is made up of Perth’s leading resurfacing specialists, and we’ve completed numerous commercial projects, so let us take your space to the next level!